Awareness workshop entitled “Wrong Treatment of Wastes-Risks and Solutions” – Ain Wazein

Within the framework of project “Production 3” funded by the British Government through Mercy Corps International organization; the Lebanese House Establishment for Environment (LHEE) in collaboration with Ain Wazein Women’s Charity Association organized an awareness workshop titled “Wrong Treatment of Wastes-Risks and Solutions” at Ain Wazein Library on Friday, December 14, 2018. The project “Production 3” and the role of the community council was presented by the project coordinator, in addition to an awareness campaign on sorting from the source carried out by LHEE in accordance with the plan of the Union of Municipalities of Chouf Souejani.
Also, a presentation about Slayeeb Recycling Factory was introduced to the audience, explaining the action plan followed to improve the recycling procedure, accompanied by the plan of expanding the factory and equipping it with the proper recycling machines to increase its productivity.
The presentations were followed by a lecture by the trainer Dr. Ruba Abu Saleh, where she explained the risks of wastes on health and environment, and the proper ways to eliminate them, supported by scientific studies and researches.

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