Festival of Joy 2016

LHEE organized the “Festival of Joy” on May 22, 2016 in Kfarhim staduim with the sponsorship of Tivoli.
It was an environment friendly carnival with a variety of environmental topics, was opened at 11 am, with an exhibition, followed by a show for the mini studio about sorting and recycling, Cheering up the audience of all ages. The day continued by competitive games for children.
At 2:30 the preparations of the competition for the best environmental statues made of solid waste in order to promote and decrease waste disposal and utilization of technical panels, and benefiting from it in artistic ways. The march began with a message from the children about peace then displayed the models of each school. The jury were composed of five members and they are:
-president of the International Federation of the ambassadors in the United States, US Ambassador Graziella Seif
– President of the Lebanese environmental movement, professor Paul Abi Rached
– Representative of the organization Mercy Corps. Professor Gabriel Perm
– Mayor of Kfarhim Mr. Nasib Abu Dergm
– Businessman Walid Ghanam.
Where the official school of tge educator Raouf Abu Ghanem won the first place.
Al wafaa school won the second.
Kfarfakoud official school the third place.
Then, the official ceremony began, which included cultural performances and the association honored many institutions and personalities. The carnival ended with the artist Daniel Ayash and artist Ziad Jamal and the guests of honor: Afif shaya and the actor Saad Hamdan
Always together towards success

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